Umeå Camping

You who seek a calm and peaceful camp has now found the right one.

Welcome to Umeå Camping - Bella Vista, beautifully situated above the scenic Umeå river and circa four kilometres from the city centre. The Bella Vista offers you all the enjoyments of the Swedish countryside and lovely accommodation for you and your family.

The nearby Gimo bakery spreads mouth-watering aromas of freshly baked bread; available to order and delivered in time for breakfast. A bicycle path follows the river to and through the cosy city centre. If you do not feel like going into the city, you will find a modern shopping mall only some 400 metres from the camping. The mall holds, among much else, a pharmacy, cafés and restaurants and a fully-stocked supermarket. If you wish, we arrange sightseeing tours by boat along the river.

In the evenings our guests may gather at the camping sites' outdoor grill for a truly calm and relaxing holiday experience.

  • Cabin
  • Toilet
  • Shower
  • Washing machine
  • Outdoor (cot) grill
  • Bicycles
  • Jetty
  • Shopping centre (Strömpilsplatsen) within walking distance
  • Possible to buy WiFi Wireless Internet access
  • Freshly baked bread can be ordered from the reception




    Umeå Camping | Tegelbruksvägen 24, 907 42 Umeå | +46705170690 |